Authentic replica - Scutum with steel Umbo (Roman shield)

Authentic replica - Scutum with steel Umbo (Roman shield)

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Antique Roman legionary shield replica (Scutum with steel Umbo)
Reconstruction of a typical Shield of the Roman legionaire,
made of wood with a brass edging and fixed steel umbo (boss). The front is covered by hand-painted linen. The back side is reinforced with narrow wooden slats.
There is a handle for carrying inside the boss. A perfect shield for Roman military reenactment.
This replica is made from plywood, covered in linen. It is handmade and hand-pained. The shield and boss are not assembled upon delivery. There are 8 screws with end covers included for easy self-assembly.
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Material: 1 cm plywood, linen, brass
Finish: Handpainted
Boss (Umbo): Polished steel
Handle: Wood

Heigth: Approx. 107 cm (42,1")
Width: Approx. 60 cm (23,6")
Bending radius: Approx. 24 cm (9,45")
Weight: Approx. 5,2 kg (11,46 lb)

Deepeeka (India)