Authentic clothing - Roman republican tunic (handwoven, handstitched)

Authentic clothing - Roman republican tunic (handwoven, handstitched)

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Roman tunic with hand-stitched wool decoration in four sizes
The basic garment for both genders and all classes was the tunica (tunic). In its simplest form, the tunic was a single rectangle of woven fabric, originally woolen, but from the mid-republic onward, increasingly made from linen. It was sewn into a sleeveless tubular shape and pinned around the shoulders like a Greek chiton, to form openings for the neck and arms. In some examples from the eastern part of the empire, neck openings were formed in the weaving. Sleeves could be added. Most working men wore knee-length, short-sleeved tunics, secured at the waist with a belt. Some traditionalists considered long sleeved tunics appropriate only for women, very long tunics on men as a sign of effeminacy, and short or unbelted tunics as marks of servility; nevertheless, very long-sleeved, loosely belted tunics were also fashionably louche and were adopted by some Roman men; for example, by Julius Caesar. Women's tunics were usually ankle or foot-length, long-sleeved, and could be worn loosely or belted.
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Material: 100% handwoven linen
Decorations: Hand-stitched wool
Color: Hemp (linen), not as white as seen in picture

Size: Optionally M, L, XL or XXL

Measures size M
Chest circumference =  Approx. 110 cm (47")
Length: Approx. cm (31,5")

Measures size L
Chest circumference =  Approx. 120 cm (55")
Length: Approx. cm (31,5")

Measures size XL
Chest circumference =  Approx. 140 cm (59")
Length: Approx. cm (31,5")

Measures size XXL
Chest circumference =  Approx. 150 cm (59")
Length: Approx. cm (31,5")

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