Greek bell armor (brass)
Greek bell armor (brass)
Greek bell armor (brass)

Greek bell armor (brass)

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Antique greek brass bell armor with back armor
Replica of a roman or greek bell armor following ancient originals.
These hand-crafted cuirass are modelled on ancient Greek originals from the archaic period (approx. 750 - 600 BC).
Each hoplite provided his own equipment. Thus, only those who could afford such weaponry fought as hoplites; as with the Roman Republican army it was the middle classes who formed the bulk of the infantry. Hoplites had customized armour, the shield was decorated. The equipment might well be passed down in families, since it would have been expensive to manufacture. The richer upper-class hoplites typically had a bronze cuirass of either the bell or muscled variety, a bronze helmet with cheekplates, as well as greaves and other armour.
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Materials: 1,2 mm massive brass
Finish: Polished
Fittings: Brass, genuine leather
Size: One size

Max. chest circumference: 126,0 cm (approx. 49,6")
Max. waist: 120,0 cm (approx. 47,25")
Length from shoulder: 53,0 cm (approx. 20,85")
Weight: ca. 6,4 kg (approx. 14,11 lb)

Deepeeka (India)