Troy style muscle armor with bronze finish
Troy style muscle armor with bronze finish
Troy style muscle armor with bronze finish
Troy style muscle armor with bronze finish

Troy style muscle armor with bronze finish

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Bronze finished spartan muscle armor with back armor
Replica of a roman, greek or spartan muscle armor following ancient originals but very similiar to such as worn by Brad Pitt in the movie "Troy".
The muscle armour has it´s roots in former greek Hoplite armors. It let the soldier appear as if he fought with naked upper body and was worn for represantative use in first case. During the roman era it was mixed with parts of fold armors in combination with mythological and religious symbols, in most cases Gorgon´s heads. Off course muscle armors where, due to the enormous price, worn by emperors and high grade roman army officers.
In the Greek Archaic period, the conventional armour of the soldiers of Sparta essentially consisted of a shield, a pair of greaves (shin guards), a flanged corselet (breast and back plates) made of bronze and an Illyrian or Corinthian type helmet. Additional pieces of armor such as arm guards or other protective plates for the lower abdomen, the thighs, the ankles etc. would also be occasionally used.
However, in later times, the Spartiates were only lightly armoured for battle, usually with a crimson tunic made of linen fabric (a so-called chiton) and a pilos helmet only. Whether or not the Spartan Hoplites wore torso armours during the Persian Wars and, if so, which type, remains a controversial issue: While some argue that Sparta's warriors in all likelihood continued to wear even more sculptured bronze cuirasses, others defend the idea that the Linothorax (a composite breastplate made of linen) had already established itself in the meantime.
This premium piece of armour is modeled on historical examples. Add a Greek or Roman tunic and a Spartan helmet and the panoply will be complete. A stunning addition to every collection, also suitable for costume and media productions.
Our Spartan muscle cuirass is made of steel. Its bronze finish provides for an authentic ancient look. A decorative emblem adorns the front side. The edges of this two-piece corslet are flanged.

Delivery includes back plate and fastening hooks.
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Materials: 1,2 mm mild steel
Finish: Bronze
Fittings: Mild steel, genuine leather
Size: One size

Max. chest circumference: 113 cm (approx. 44,5")
Height: ca. 48,0 cm (approx. 18,9")
Weight: ca. 5,0 kg (approx. 11,0 lb)

Deepeeka (India)