Authentic replica - Roman bag "Comacchio" (leather)

Authentic replica - Roman bag "Comacchio" (leather)

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Antique Roman leather bag (Comacchio)
Very authentic replica of a Roman leather bag after after a find from the Comacchio shipwreck, Italy. Augustan period.
The Roman ship of Comacchio was discovered on the city outskirts near the initial section of the principal drainage channel of the Valle Ponti basin. The variety and rarity of the materials transported by the vessel make this one of the most significant discoveries ever made in the Ferrara delta. Among the heterogeneous material belonging to the ship supplies were a bronze balance with which to sell merchandise by retail, numerous items of clothing, containers and leather shoes belonging to the crew and passengers.
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Materials: Vegetabily tanned leather

Length: Approx. 29,5 cm (11,6")
Height: Approx. 30,5 cm (12")
Thickness: Approx. 7 cm (2,75")

Ancient Empire Reproductions (India)