Authentic replica - Gladius Type Mainz "1th century" (Roman sword)
Authentic replica - Gladius Type Mainz "1th century" (Roman sword)

Authentic replica - Gladius Type Mainz "1th century" (Roman sword)

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Antique Roman Gladius 1th century sword replica with scabbard
The gladius, the standard weapon of the Roman legionnaires between the 3rd century B.C. and the 3rd century AD, was used in many different variants over the centuries. This Roman sword is a reconstruction of a classic Gladius of the Mainz type from the early 1st century. The double-edged, slightly "waisted" blade with a long point was characteristic of this type of gladius, which was named after the place where the first gladii of this type was found.
This Gladius has a typical "Mainz" blade made of spring steel EN45 (neither hardened nor heat-treated) with a flat, diamond-shaped cross-section and a long, pointed spot. The cutting edges are not sharpened and the continuous blade tang is screwed to the end of the handle (brass nut). The handle is made of bone, the guard and pommel are made of wood. The parrying piece is equipped with a brass plate on the blade side. The Roman one-handed sword is supplied with a red wood/leather scabbard with brass fittings (a mouth strap, three horizontal straps, edge fittings and a V-shaped chape decorated with a palmette, which ends with a chape button).
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Material: Spring steel EN45
Finish: Polished
Scabbard: Steel, brass, leather
Hilt: Bone and wood

Overall length: Approx. 71 cm (28")
Blade length: Approx. 53 cm (20,8")
Handle length: Approx. 18 cm (7")
Handle section: Approx. 9 cm (3,54")
Maximum blade width: Approx. 6,5 cm (2,55")
Weight: Approx. 0,8 kg (1,76 lb) without scabbard
Weight: Approx. 1,3 kg (2,86 lb) within scabbard

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