Authentic Replica - Greek "Phrygian" helmet (steel)
Authentic Replica - Greek "Phrygian" helmet (steel)

Authentic Replica - Greek "Phrygian" helmet (steel)

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Antique Greek Phrygian helmet replica (Athens)
This helmet is patterned after the Phrygian style helmet worn mainly during the Hellenistic Period of Greek history. The shape and style of this replica is a very good likeness of archaeological examples. This version is a new release from Deepeeka and appears to be made of iron in a bronzed finish.
The originals would have been entirely fashioned of bronze.
It was worn not only by Athenians during this period, as the title would erroneously suggest, but by many different city states of the Hellenistic world.
Originally intended to mimic the style of cap worn by the Phrygians of Asia Minor, this helmet was commonly worn by infantry soldiers in the Macedonian phalanx under Alexander and his successors.
Delivery includes a comfortable leather liner.
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Materials: 1,6 mm steel
Finish: Bronzed
Liner: Leather, adjustable
Fittings: Brass, genuine leather
Size: One size

Max. head circumference: Approx. 61,0 cm (24")
Long distance (back to front): Approx. 20,5 cm (8")
Short distance (Ear to ear): Approx. 18,0 cm (7")
Weight: Approx. 1,7 kg (3,75 lb)

Deepeeka (India)