Authentic replica - Imperial Gallic F "Besançon" helmet (steel & brass)

Authentic replica - Imperial Gallic F "Besançon" helmet (steel & brass)

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Antique Roman legionary helmet replica (Imperial Gallic 'F', Besançon)
Authentic replica based on a helmet found in the amphitheatre in Besançon, France. When the improved Imperial helmet appeared, it replaced what remained of the very old Coolus type, which was largely superseded at the time by improved versions of the Montefortino helmet type which continued to serve alongside it for a time. This shape of Roman helmet originated during the 1st century a.D. It is already prepared to fit with our Imperial Gallic holders for metal or wood framed Plumes (Optio or Centurio type). Plume and holder are not included.
Delivery includes a padded cotton cap for wear underneath the helmet.
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Materials: 1,5 mm steel, brass ornaments
Finish: Polished
Fittings: Brass, genuine leather
Size: One size
Continental classification: Weisenau-Worms type

Max. head circumference: Approx. 63 cm (24,8")
Long distance (back to front): Approx. 21,5 cm (8,46")
Short distance (Ear to ear): Approx. 19,5 cm (7,67")
Weight: Approx. 1,5 kg (3,3 lb)

Deepeeka (India)