Authentic Replica - Small Roman Phalera "Medusa" (tinned brass)

Authentic Replica - Small Roman Phalera "Medusa" (tinned brass)

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Tinned brass roman phalera with Gorgon head (small)
Undated archaic Roman style cast brass Phalera depicting a facing bust of Medusa with wings above the head; a bilinear border to the disc.The Phalera was worn as a breastplate in Roman Military Army as a mark of identification of various achievements and designation.This version of Deepeeka is so named after the Greek mythological female Gorgon, who was a monster as its has been engraved with the figure. It is completely wearable and can be used fro costume dressing and reenactment purposes
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Material: Massive tinned brass

Diameter: Approx. 7 cm (2,75")
Weight: Approx. 220 g (0,18 lb)

Deepeeka (India)