Authentic shoes - Late-Roman turn-sewn Calcei

Authentic shoes - Late-Roman turn-sewn Calcei

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Vegetably tanned leather ladies shoes in various sizes
Reconstruction of Roman shoes, so-called Calcei, which probably were
worn by noble Roman Ladies. The originals have been found together in a well near Welzheim (Germany) with more other shoes. These ones date back to the middle of the 2nd up to the beginning of the 3rd Century AD. Around the end of the 2nd Century a young woman had been buried with a woolen tunic and long knee-highs in the French village Martres-de-Veyre, wearing nearly the same shoes.
Reconstructed from soft, vegetably tanned leather, the shoes can easy be dyed with leather colours. The size should be chosen bigger.
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Material: 100% vegetably tanned leather
Color: Natural (can be colored)

German sizes: Optionally 36 up to 42
UK-Sizes (not US): Optionally 3½ up to 8

Deepeeka (India)