Lorica Segmentata (Type Corbridge A)
Lorica Segmentata (Type Corbridge A)
Lorica Segmentata (Type Corbridge A)

Lorica Segmentata (Type Corbridge A)

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Segmentated cuirass Lorica Segmentata (Type Corbridge A)
Very authentic replica of a Roman Lorica Segmentata (Roman clasp armour) following originals from approx. 30 A.D. found in Corbridge, England.
The Lorica Segmentata was in use in the roman army for about 200 years. Earliest founds where made in Kalkriese (Germany) and come from the year 9 to christ.
The type Corbridge A was named after excavations in the village of Corbridge (North England), a place at the Hadrian´s Wall (the former roman camp Coriosopitum).
The Corbridge Hoard is a hoard of mostly iron artefacts that was excavated in 1964 within the Roman site of Coria, next to what is now Corbridge, Northumberland, England. It came from amongst the central range of administrative buildings in one of the early forts underlying the later Roman town and probably dates to between AD 122 and 138.
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Materials: 1,2 mm mild steel
Fittings: Brass, genuine leather
Size: Optionally M or L

Measures size M
Max. chest circumference =  110 cm (approx. 43,30")
Weight M = 11 kg (approx. 24,25 lb)

Measures size L
Max. chest circumference =  130 cm (approx. 51,20")
Weight M = 12 kg (approx. 26,45 lb)

Deepeeka (India)